Home design styles and interior design refer to the various ways in which a home can be decorated and arranged. These styles can range from traditional to modern, and can be influenced by a variety of factors such as culture, history, and personal preferences. Interior design is the process of creating functional and visually pleasing spaces within a home, and can include elements such as color schemes, furniture selection, and room layout. The ARB Construction team is committed to finding the perfect style for your new build or remodel. Below you will find several idea books that our team has put together to inspire you to find your ideal design. 


Transitional design is a mix between the clean lines of contemporary and the elegance of traditional style. Traditional has the feel of more current than retro, changing with current trends while blending in classic elements of design. The traditional style incorporates rich, luxurious fabrics, custom upholstery and drapery with clean modern lines. A neutral color scheme is featured in transitional design, including several shades of gray, creams and beiges.


Traditional design is timeless, warm and comfortable without being overly fancy. Traditional features the furniture, textiles, color palettes and décor that is familiar instead of trendsetting. Rooted in the traditions of the past without being tied to a specific time period, traditional design is very classic.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse core design style is an open, spacious floor plan featuring barn-style doors and wood flooring. Modern farmhouse is clean, simple, and welcoming while incorporating classic rustic farmhouse elements with a sleek and simple twist of modern style.


Industrial design is a very no-nonsense style with minimal décor and neutral colors. Industrial design features a raw, almost unfinished look, providing a casual and relaxing atmosphere. The characteristics of industrial design are defined by the architectural elements with the space and can include exposed materials such as piping and ductwork, even using it as a focal point.


Contemporary design is a constantly evolving style, indicative of present day. Contemporary design uses what is currently trending but overall features reserved color schemes, clean lines, solid textiles and fabrics with texture, minimal pattern usage in accents, oversized wall art, polished lighting, and limited but impactful accessories.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design became popular in the early 1900s and is categorically retro. Mid-century modern is a minimal concept with clean lines and lack of ornamentation. Bold or vibrant colors, use of geometric shapes and contrasting design ideas characterize this style.

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